Open Source, Open Standards, Blue Sky

Here's a link to my presentation on the economics of open source, given at HealthCamp MD. A few salient points from this talk:

  • Open source makes economic sense for corporations, because it allows them to invest their resources in differential technology development, instead of spending across the board to re-invent the wheel
  • We are shifting from a 20th-century economic model based on proprietary intellectual property to one based on open source and open standards.
  • This shift in economic models is as profound as the shift from feudalism to capitalism
  • Some of the greatest innovations come from 19- and 20-year-olds
  • A litmus test for accessibility in open source is whether an unfunded 19-year-old can download, build and contribute
  • The current pay-for-standards model in HIT is a high barrier to innovation, in part because it fails the litmus test.

permalink to slide deck:


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